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Logo Design Mastery: Photoshop


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Do you want to learn how to create your very first logo? In this course you’ll find the key elements that will make you a designer ready for the market.

With step-by-step lessons guiding you through this wonderful journey, you’ll learn the fundamentals of logo design, why it’s so important to write down your ideas and needs and the most important part: You’ll have fun doing what is one of the most important parts of a brand image: A logo!

We’ll sketch in paper our ideas, then we’ll take them into the digital canvas and create our very first logo!

What to learn?

A step-by-step course on how to create your own logos How to develop Design Ideas for any project Sketching basics for logo design Exporting Logos for other purposes


  • Basic knowledge of Photoshop


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Fidelis Adamu is an Entrepreneur, Business Developer & Strategist and a Technology enthusiast. Having co-founded MyPady. com in 2015 with the mission to providing a platform for local retail eCommece chain to access wider market and promote made-in-Nigeria brands. He is

Material Includes

  • Computer with Adobe Photoshop (Trial or Full version)
  • Sheets of Paper and Pen
  • Scanner or Camera (A smartphone works)