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Colour Basics


Learning Photoshop for graphic design is an essential skill. It is the standard digital tool used a wide variety of formats, from print to web to interactive design and even video. Those looking to start a career in graphic design will need to learn Photoshop, but this is simply one step in the process of becoming a graphic designer. Learning Photoshop alone is not enough to become a graphic designer.

Aspiring designers need to gain graphic design skills along with learning Photoshop. While Photoshop is an important tool for graphic design, the profession requires broad visual design skills beyond simply operating Photoshop. Just as knowledge of how to use a hammer alone does not make for a good carpenter, a designer needs more than knowledge of Photoshop for graphic design work to be visually appealing and effective.\

How Photoshop for Graphic Design is different from other fields

The Photoshop skills for graphic design are more creative than analytical. Graphic designers generally conduct less retouching and use Photoshop for creative aspects. This may include using Photoshop to combine images, apply effects, add text, or edit images to convey a message or theme. This use of Photoshop for graphic design varies from photographers or retouchers who use the same tool for cleaning-up an image, adjusting color, and making refinements to generally improve image quality.

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