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Diploma in Human Resource Management


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Course content

Introduction to Human Resources

This course exposes students to the meaning, scope and gives them an overview of what Human Resources is all about.

Human Resource Theories

Interview and Human Resource Management

Change Management

Management by Objective

Organizational Culture

Employee Relations

Rewards and Benefits


The course is a first step course needed for anyone who is interested in having knowledge about the field, who wishes to practice and companies. The course open up participant intellectual horizon to the current trend and practice of human resources. It will expose students to skills needed in the practice and how one or organizations can maximize her profit by integrating their staff to match up to the objectives of the company.

What to learn?

Registering for this course will give student the basic knowledge of Human Resources. It will give practical approach to Human Resources in Nigeria and Globally. With the professional certification gotten, it can boost ones career. At the end of the course, student shall have a better critical thinking ability, analytical skills, and Human Resource diplomatic skills.


  • Student should have a good learning device, good and strong access to the internet and a jotter.

Target Audience

  • This course is beneficial to anyone who is aspiring or a practicing human resources personnel. It will also be of immense benefits to organizations who which to scale up with the current economy of the globe. Part taking in the course will help HR personnels and organization maximize profit and see how they can integrate the people into the aims and objectives of the company.


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Material Includes

  • Assignments will be given, quiz and study packs