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Diploma in Health Safety and Environment (HSE)


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Course content

Introduction to Health Safety and Environment

This course will lay a foundation of what the entire course is all about. It shall examine the branches of HSE, importance and how it can be utilized by practitioners of the course and organizations.

HSE Planning

Basic Harzard Safety

First Aid Practice

HSE Management System

Risk Assessment

Environmental and Waste Management

Reporting and Investigation of Safety Related Matters


Health and Safety is a very important i the survival of any organization. Safety in any organization is however, the duty of all staff of an organization, however there are important certain conscious steps one must take to ensure the effectiveness of safety in any organization. To keep a healthy and better work environment, it is important to learn safety skills, identify what constitute safety risk, unsafe acts, how to response to emergency situations of whatsoever kind.

What to learn?

The course is beneficial to families, HSE practitioners, Companies and other decision and policy makers of HSE. It will help reduce hazards in our general environment and give students sense of safety skills.


  • The lecture shall be held online, so students are expected to have a good device for lecture with a good internet sources. Having writing materials is not also out of place.


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Material Includes

  • There shall be pictures, videos and materials to help students enable students understand the course better.