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Digital Marketing Masterclass


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Digital Marketing Course

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Principles of digital marketing


The Digital Marketing Course you nee.

You’re not making money because you’re not selling. Your business is not exponentially growing because you’re not utilizing effectively the tools available online to market and sell your products or services.

In this course you will learn the most effective ways/channels to sell and make money online. I’ll take you by the hand step-by-step to the money. Get started on this course today.

What to learn?

In this course you will learn; - How to utilize facebook business suite to create ads that sell - Use twitter business to drive sales - Google ads tool will enable you harness the power of the biggest search engine in the world to drive sales and generate revenue for your business - You will also learn the art of selling high quality, high demand products/service using the affiliate system I'll show you.


  • A mobile phone or laptop (Laptop preferably)
  • Internet connection
  • Dedication to learn


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Fidelis Adamu is an Entrepreneur, Business Developer & Strategist and a Technology enthusiast. Having co-founded MyPady. com in 2015 with the mission to providing a platform for local retail eCommece chain to access wider market and promote made-in-Nigeria brands. He is

Material Includes

  • Digital Marketing in-demand videos
  • Special sales ebooks
  • Mentorship to succeed