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7 Figure with Facebook Marketing


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Facebook marketing

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Creating a Facebook Profile

Setup your Facebook profile using the best practices. Even you already have a profile, kindly go through this topic to know the dos and don't in setting up your perfect Facebook personal profile

Create your Facebook Page

Facebook Ads Manager


In this Course you will discover the opportunity available in the digital marketing space using Facebook marketing tool. You will learn the;

  • Facebook ads interface
  • process of running a profitable ad
  • tricks and ropes of circumnavigating marketing pitfalls

This Course has been prepared with the African market in consideration, but it works in any part of the world you live.

We will explore real-life applications and past results to show you the big opportunity available online.

What to learn?

At the end of this course you should be able to create, optimize and twerk Facebook ads for marketing and sales.


  • The course is available to anyone who can use social media platform with focus on


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Fidelis Adamu is an Entrepreneur, Business Developer & Strategist and a Technology enthusiast. Having co-founded MyPady. com in 2015 with the mission to providing a platform for local retail eCommece chain to access wider market and promote made-in-Nigeria brands. He is